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AFTER hosting the Games for 10 days, Zimbabweans must be proud of the hospitality they extended to the visiting countries. The African Union Sport Council Region 5 Youth Games’ curtain came down yesterday and what a Sunday it was. Barbourfields was filled to the brim yesterday. Zimbabwe finished second on the medals table with 18 gold while South Africa won the battle for number one.

Here was a crowd that was cheerful even when it was evident that Zimbabwe would lose at the hands of Zambia in the football final.

“I normally don’t work on Sundays but today I’m at work. These Games boosted us, as you can see I have transported people coming from Nkulumane and back.

“There is business here,” said Nkululeko Sibanda, a kombi driver. For the local residents, the AUSC Region 5 Youth Games were a show not to be missed.

“I am very excited even though our Zimbabwean team was beaten 3-0 by the Zambians in foot- ball.

“We rallied behind our boys with our hearts. These Games were very exciting and I attended almost all the Games from December 6-14.

“I made sure to pass by the Games after work,” said Nkosana Sibanda from Cowdry Park.

Who would have thought Barbourfields would fill to capacity during these Games?

People came in their numbers to see their team play and closely watched every move by the players and they cheered on the misses and saves made.

Traditional dancers thrilled the capacity crowd with their antics. Local artistes, who included the likes of Jeys Marabini, did not disappoint.

“These Games were very well organised and the image of our nation was well portrayed by the displays showcased in the official opening of the Games.

“On our side as artistes, we did a good performance on the day of the opening and we are very happy that our people came to see us perform,” said Marabini.

Many Zimbabwean teens are set to go to Marrakech, Morocco, next year for the African Athletics Championships after doing very well in the Region 5 Youth Games. For Zimbabwe’s soccer team head coach, Tafadzwa Mashiri, the Youth Games have given his boys regional exposure.

“This is a developmental tournament and a silver medal is good for us.

“We have a lot of confidence in these youngsters and we need to nurture them. With resources and time availed, we can do better as a nation,” said Mashiri.

The next Region 5 Youth competitions will be held in Luanda, Angola, in 2016.

Source : The Herald