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The Central Vehicle Registry will partner with the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (Zinara) and the private sector to introduce a new technological system called Zimbabwe Integrated Transport Information Management System (Zimtis), which will assist in monitoring vehicle movements at tollgates and border posts. In an interview, Director of Transport in the Ministry of Transport and infrastructure, Mr Allowance Sango said it is the aim of the ministry to move away from individual efforts by various departments to computerise on a local network because it is not adding value to the sector as whole.

“We will engage the private sector in coming up with the infrastructure of the project and handle its administration together with the Government for about 10 years at which point they will hand it over completely,” he said.

“Connection of this technology will be for internal departments in the Ministry, Zimra, traffic police, Traffic Safety Council, Automobile Association of Zimbabwe, Zinara and any other related departments and organisations”

The move is meant to foster efficiency and do away with corruption.

“If the CRV is computerised but isn’t interconnected with Zinara, there are various limitations that both organisations will face, which will cause a lack of efficiency and proper conduct of business”

The draft tender has received attention from the Ministry of ICT’s and the system is expected to be operational by the first half of 2015 as the Government is in the process of amending the document.

“We aim to have all information stored in databases from driving schools, driving instructors, driving candidates, results and pictures, and any other relevant information which will assist us in monitoring how vehicles are moving all around the country,” He said.

“With this system, especially at tollgates we want to monitor which vehicles are compliant with registration and licensing and which are not through ZINARA, which we have a symbiotic relationship with”.

“We also intend to automate the learner driver learning processes to curb the perceived cases of corruption at VID and so candidates for driving lessons will be selected and administered by computers and also the marking of those papers.”

He said this year statistics are indicating that there are 1 300 000 registered vehicles in the country, which is an increase from the previous year but loopholes still exist.

Revenue is still being lost at border posts because the machines which are used to monitor do not comply with new technological systems.

Source : The Herald