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Rising Afro fusion musician, Cynthia Mare says she is enjoying the perks that come with corporate endorsement. The brand ambassador for local mobile phone company Gtel, Mare was on top of the moon after receiving the brand new Gtel A755 SL5.1 mobile phone.

“I received the phone just before it was launched in stores last week and I feel honoured. This particular brand is local so I feel proud to work with them. I am a brand as an artiste and partnership with Gtel is seeing the two brands benefiting from each other,” she said before singing praises for the new product.

Mare said it was encouraging how local companies were warming up to the arts sector as their gestures were becoming more visible.

“It is evident that companies are beginning to appreciate the value of artistes. Every year, various artistes are being given the opportunity to perform at corporate events and that is positive,” said Mare.

“This is how it should be because as artistes we command a great following and corporates need such an audience. So we need each other at the end of the day. Other countries realise this and endorse art on a larger scale. They feature celebrities when aertising their products and sponsor their shows.”

She also encouraged fellow artistes to be professional and take their roles seriously in such partnerships.

“As an artist, you have to be clear on what you expect from a partnership and make sure you deliver what the corporate expects from you. A contract that maps out the agreement is very important too. That way both parties are happy,” she said.

The “Zuva Rimwe” singers’ star continues to shine as the development comes after an astounding victory at the last Zimbabwe Music Awards.

In fact, things have been promising since she relocated from the United Kingdom in 2013 after launching her career in Europe.

Mare credits her success to her decision to turn to music therapy when her mother passed on.

She is on record saying her lyrical content matured, as she resorted to singing inspirational music to uplift those facing hard times in their lives.

“All these achievements had been inspired and motivated by the worst experience of my life, losing mom. I realised that I was ger and more creative than I ever thought I was and that I really did have something to offer the world,” she said.

Source : The Herald