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ZAPU president Dumiso Dabengwa plans to go on a door-to-door campaign in Bulawayo’s Luveveelandaba constituency ahead of the June 10 by-elections.

Dabengwa said his party decided to contest the by-elections to lock the ruling Zanu PF party out of Bulawayo after the MDC parties refused to contest the votes.

ZAPU deputy national spokesperson Patrick Ndlovu told NewZimbabwe.com that Dabengwa would launch his campaign in the Luveveelandaba constituency this week.

The opposition party is contesting all the five constituencies which are up for grabs in Bulawayo following the expulsion of MDC Renewal legislators from parliament at the instigation of the MDC-T.

“We have deliberately chosen to launch this campaign in the constituency because this is where one of the founding fathers of revolutionary struggle, Joshua Nkomo’s house is located,” said Ndlovu.

Dabengwa, accompanied by members of the ZAPU national council, is expected to visit every household in the constituency canvassing for votes.

The former home affairs minister would also campaign in other constituencies in the city to support his party’s candidates.

Addressing a campaign rally in Makokoba over the weekend, Dabengwa claimed that MDC Renewal MPs approached his party seeking support in the by-elections soon after their dismissal from parliament.

“To our dismay the renewal MPs later changed their minds and decided to boycott the by-elections,” he said.

“This prompted our national executive council to convene an emergency meeting since the party could not let Zanu PF go unchallenged in the elections.

“The party’s Bulawayo provincial executive also supported the idea.”

The former ZIPRA intelligence supremo said his party would use the elections to judge its relevance in the country’s political landscape.

“The significance of winning the five seats cannot be over emphasized as they will be used as a benchmark to judge the relevance of the party in the political landscape of Zimbabwe.

“The party is assured of support in the 2018 general elections from South Africa based sponsors if the candidates win the by elections,” he said.

Source : New Zimbabwe