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A Gutu man allegedly killed his four-year-old son by beating him using the butt of a pellet gun as punishment for soiling his pants and burnt his body parts with a red hot iron rod.

Francis Gwendu (29) of Zvinowanda Village in Nyamande communal lands also allegedly tied his son, Tapuwa, to the roof of a kitchen hut with a rope before flogging the hapless toddler with a whip until he fell unconscious on Monday night.

Acting Masvingo provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa on Wednesday said Tapuwa succumbed to serious head injuries about three hours after the assault.

Asst Insp Dhewa said police had since arrested Gwendu for allegedly murdering his son.

“We arrested a Gutu man for killing his son whom he accused of soiling his pants and the suspect is in custody while investigations continue,” he said.

“The suspect will appear in court soon facing murder charges.”

It is alleged that on the fateful day, Gwendu, who is believed to be a widower, was relaxing with his son in a kitchen hut at their homestead while preparing to retire to bed.

Around 11pm, Gwendu allegedly noticed that Tapuwa had soiled his pants while seated in the kitchen.

This angered him and he took a pellet gun and hit his son.

Still in a fit of rage, Gwendu allegedly proceeded to tie his son with a rope, leaving him hanging precariously from the kitchen roof while facing downwards.

He then put an iron rod into the fire and used it to burn his son’s buttocks, causing him severe injuries.

Undeterred, Gwendu proceeded to whack the baby with a whip until he fell unconscious.

It is alleged that Gwendu found Tapuwa dead around 2am when he returned to the kitchen from his nephew’s homestead where he had gone to tell him that he had beaten his son.

Tapuwa’s body was taken to Gutu Mission Hospital for post-mortem.

Source : The Herald