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Dancehall artistes have been tasked to preach peace to their fans when they perform at Aquatic Complex in Chitungwiza tomorrow.

Dubbed “Together As One” the gig will see several musicians performing. The artistes will be expected to preach peace and urge their fans to shun violence.

Winky D, Killer T, Kinna, Dhadza D, Templeman, Lady Squanda, Terminator and Mockery are among other artistes billed to perform at the show.

Show organiser Patson “Chipaz” Chimbodza said they would continue with their anti-violence campaign.

“We have organised the show so that we preach peace. The artistes themselves need to spearhead the campaign,” he said.

He said they were happy that the artistes have shown their commitment in participating in the campaign.

Winky D’s manager, Jonathan Banda, said the artistes must be actively involved in the campaign against violence.

“The task is not for the artistes only but the organisers, the media and all stakeholders of the genre. They should work together so that we put an end to that culture of violence in Zimdancehall,” he said.

Banda said shows are good platforms for artistes to encourage unity among fans.

Kinnah, who has been calling for peace through his music, said he was happy with the progress that has been made so far. “We have a number of gigs that were held end of last year and from what I have observed things are changing,” he said.

He said the campaign should continue with different rivals taking part.

“Those so-called rivals should come together for such important gigs and preach peace among artistes and fans,” he said.

Source : The Herald