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Musicians Winky D, Shinsoman and Kinna have called for peace among dancehall artists and fans in a comedy called Bag Rabvaruka Season 4 that will hit the streets soon. The three musicians who took different cameo roles in the comedy said they will use different platforms to spread the message. Kinna said the decision by the producer to engage dancehall artists in his comedy was welcome.

“We have to use different platforms to preach peace among dancehall fans and artists. We welcome the decision by the producer to give us a chance,” said the Mbare bred chanter.

Shinsoman said promoters and artists have a big role to play in castigating violence in the genre.

“Peace begins with us artists then promoters and fans so we have to encourage them not to be violent so that the genre expands,” he said.

Producer of the comedy Lloyd Kurima who is widely known as Mabla 10 said he was inspired by reports of violence in the past dancehall shows.

“It is not for the people involved in dancehall but a responsibility of every Zimbabwean to preach peace so that arts industry grows,” he said.

He hailed the three artists for their commitment to promoting peace.

“They agree to work with me and if the artists take the message through various social platforms it will work for us,” he said.

Mabla 10 said Winky D plays the roles of an aisor to the notorious Sekuru Zvambu who was violent in the society while Kinna and Shinsoman preach peace among ghetto youths.

The three musicians will be part of the Zim Dancehall shut down gig that will be held at City Sports Centre on Friday.

They will team up with several artists in the likes of Ricky Fire, Killer T, Lady Squander Soul Jah Love, Jiggaz, Badman and Terminator.

Show promoter, Patson Chimbodza said there is going to be tight security.

“We are preaching peace and we have no kind words for perpetrators of violence,” he said.

Chimbodza said the show will be another platform to show that the genre is developing positively in ensuring a peaceful environment.

Source : The Herald