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Dancers Association of Zimbabwe will host an awards ceremony for outstanding dancers of the year at the City Sports bar today. Mostaff, Apama, Bev, Lady Storm and Zoey will provide entertainment for the night. Among the guests at the event are Dendera icon Suluman Chimbetu, Progress Chipfumo, Music promoter Partson Chimbodza, Enny Nyatsambo from Motorzone and representatives from the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe.

There are at least 22 categories for the dancers, 12 for dance groups and 10 for individuals. These include Best Dance Group, Most Disciplined Dance Group, Best Dressed Dance Group and Most Innovative Group among others.

For individuals there is Best Female Dancer, Best Male Dancer, Versatile Dancer and Longest Serving Dancer among others. Pala Fala, Syndicate, Fearless, Gonyeti and Trailers, Coco and Ladolce, Roca Stars, Crazy Boys, Explosion, Naked Weapon, Fire Flame among others are some of the nominees for different categories.

In an interview with the Herald entertainment, Dance Association of Zimbabwe organising secretary Louis Maenzanise said the initiative which started last year is meant to recognise dancers who are mostly looked down upon in the entertainment industry.

“Our main aim is to build a girl child and a boy child, we want to support them and appreciate what they are doing in the industry like any artists,” he said.

Commenting on the issue of controversy that has of late marred Zimbabwean awards ceremonies, Maenzanise said DAZ cannot be spared saying that when the list was released, they received a lot of complains from other dancers saying the list was biased.

“When organising such an event it is difficult to please everyone. We have already received complaints from other dancers who feel that the list is not fair but we tried our best to consult people who work with the dancers like promoters so that we award those who deserve the awards,” he said.

Last year Bev walked away with the best dance award of the year, while Coco scooped the promising pole dancer award and Apama walked away with the most Innovative dancing group award.

Devine Assignments, Zebra Bar, Jogwe Corner and Club RTS are the major sponsors of the event.

Source : The Herald