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DEFIANT ZIFA councillors have officially written to the Association chief executive Jonathan Mashingaidze, aising him that — since he has failed to call for an extraordinary meeting within 90 days as demanded by the Constitution — they will now go ahead and hold that indaba on June 20.

Mashingaidze, who has been battling the councillors, only called for an annual general meeting on June 27 but the councillors feel that is a violation of the Road Map that was provided by FIFA for a Joint Congress, featuring the annual and extraordinary indaba — be held before June 16 this year.

In a letter sent on Saturday, the defiant councillors said they were armed by Section 28 of the ZIFA Constitution and the FIFA Road Map for them to hold an extraordinary meeting on June 20 this year.

“We acknowledge receipt of the reminder for the annual general meeting which we received on 2 June 2015 and would like to thank you,” the councillors said in their letter.

“We, however, noted that the reminder was not consistent with the statement from FIFA which had stated that in line with the constrained ZIFA finances both meetings be held on the same day, that is, 16 June 2015.

“As councillors, we remain desirous to hold our EGM (extraordinary general meeting) and noting that you have failed or either refused to give such notice, we hereby give notice for the EGM as provided for in the ZIFA Constitution Article 28.

“In view of the above, we now invite your esteemed office or person to attend this meeting on 20 June 2015 as per attached agenda. We look forward to your company.”

The letter was copied to FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke and the CAF and COSAFA Secretary Generals.

The councillors also included the agenda of their indaba and it includes:

1 — Call the meeting to orderOpening Prayer

2 — Verification of delegates’ credentials

3 — Declaration that the ZIFA Assembly’s Extraordinary Meeting has been duly convened and constituted in compliance with the ZIFA statutes

4 — To confirm or amend the AGENDA

5 — Presentation of ZIFA President’s activity report

6 — Presentation of an aged analysis of all ZIFA creditors

7 — The participation and funding of the National Teams

8 — Way Forward (Revoking the mandate of one or a number of members of a body of ZIFA if necessary)

9 — Closure of meeting Closing Prayer.”

The councillors used the item to revoke “the mandate of one or a number of members of a body of ZIFA (if necessary)”, to strip ZIFA president, Cuthbert Dube, of his powers to lead the Association.

Two other Board Members — Tavengwa Hara and Fungai Chihuri — had their powers revoked at the same meeting.

The councillors are empowered by Article 22 (m) of the ZIFA Constitution which says “Congress has the following authority — revoking the mandate of one or a number of members of the body of ZIFA.”

They also argue that Article 28 of the ZIFA Constitution empowers them to convene an extraordinary congress where the ZIFA Board would have failed to do so, within 90 days, as has been the case now.

The councillors first called for an extraordinary meeting on March 16 this year and FIFA argued that the 90 days only lapsed on June 16, which meant that their meeting on May 16, was premature.

“As such according to article 28 of the (ZIFA) Constitution, the Executive committee of ZIFA has to convene an extraordinary congress within three months if one third of the members asks for it,” Fifa deputy secretary-general, Markus Kettner said in a letter that unveiled the Road Map.

“Since the request was made on 16 March 2015, the three months time-lapse has not been completed yet, the deadline being 16 June 2015. In addition, the extraordinary congress should have been convened by the secretary-general and chaired by the President, which was not the case.”

However, Article 28 of the ZIFA constitution empowers the councillors to convene an extraordinary meeting, without the aid of the chief executive, if the 90-day window has elapsed.

Article 28 of the ZIFA Constitution reads:

“1 — The Executive Committee (ZIFA Board) may convene an extraordinary congress at any time.

2 — The Executive Committee shall convene an extraordinary congress if one third (at least 19 members of the ZIFA assembly) of the members of ZIFA make such a request in writing.

The request shall specify the items for the agenda. An extraordinary congress shall be held within three months of the receipt of the request. IF AN EXTRAORDINARY CONGRESS IS NOT CONVENED, THE MEMBERS WHO REQUESTED IT MAY CONVENE THE CONGRESS THEMSELVES. As a last resort, the members may request the assistance from CAF or FIFA.

3 — The members shall be notified of the place, date and agenda, at least, 14 days before the date of the extraordinary congress.

4 — When an extraordinary congress is convened on the initiative of the Executive Committee, it must draw up the agenda. When an extraordinary congress is convened upon the request of the members, the agenda must contain the points raised by those members.”

The original request by the councillors to have the extraordinary congress was sent on March 16 this year and Mashingaidze responded by saying that, given the financial predicament of ZIFA, it was not possible to hold two meetings within 30 days as the annual meeting was set for April 27.

He aised the councillors that their issues would be discussed under the President’s Report at the annual meeting.

However, the annual meeting wasn’t held on April 27, as Mashingaidze had indicated, and was instead shifted to June 27.

Source : The Herald