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“If I am going to be beaten, then so be it. The people of Hurungwe West have demonstrated that they are prepared to suffer and die for me”.

MERCURIAL Hurungwe West by-election independent candidate, Temba Mliswa, has somersaulted on his earlier stance that he would never go back to the constituency to campaign in order to save the people from ZANU-PF aggression.

Last month, Mliswa declared he would make history by becoming the first politician to win an election in Zimbabwe without setting foot in his constituency in the hope that alleged ZANU-PF terror which has displaced many from their homes would stop.

Instead, the violence has worsened with reports that unknown assailants have descended on the constituency, unleashing a reign of terror that has left a trail of broken arms and limbs.

This has now forced the outspoken former ZANU-PF Mashonaland West provincial chairman to backtrack on his earlier stance.

“I had mentioned that I would not step my foot in Hurungwe West hoping that they (ZANU-PF) would stop the violence. I gave them the free reign in the constituency to do as they please but they have continued beating people around and someone must drive there to say to the people you cannot be beaten like that and stand with them. It’s only me who can do that.

“So I will be going there to campaign and stop people from being beaten up,” he said.

The last time Mliswa set foot in the constituency, it ended in his arrest.

He was only released after the State declined to prosecute for lack of evidence on commission of any crime.

Last week, Mliswa had to seek a High Court edict to chuck marauding invaders off his Spring Farm on the outskirts of Karoi.

Mliswa this week said by unleashing a reign of terror in the constituency, ZANU-PF had strengthened his resolve to fight on.

“They think by taking my farm and beating people up, I will withdraw my candidature, but I am more determined because people now have broken arms and limbs because of me. How then can I have a conscience and say I will not stand. I am more determined than before and I will win the constituency for them,” he said.

He said he was prepared to pay the ultimate price for it.

“If I am going to be beaten, then so be it. The people of Hurungwe West have demonstrated that they are prepared to suffer and die for me. So if they are prepared to pay that price, why can’t I,” he remarked.

“I am going on the ground and they know that when I am on the ground it is work. I cannot fold my arms. As a leader, I have to go and protect the people. That is what is important now,” he charged.

Mliswa blames ZANU-PF secretary for administration and Local Government Minister, Ignatius Chombo and flamboyant businessman, Philip Chiyangwa of inciting violence in the area, claims vehemently denied by the duo.

He has indicated that he intends to seek for their indictment at the International Criminal Court for perpetrating crimes against humanity.

Mliswa won the constituency as a ZANU-PF candidate in 2013 but was recalled from Parliament after his expulsion from the ruling party in March.

A challenge at the Constitutional Court to have the decision quashed hit a snag last month after the court dismissed his application with costs, leaving him with no option but to stand as an independent candidate.

Source : Financial Gazette