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Upcoming local designer Tinotenda Banda, affectionately known as Markus Bongo in the fashion world, is set to launch his label KISS next month. KISS, which is short for Keep It Simply Smart, was inspired by African pride with ranges of outfits for youths and adults. In an interview with The Herald Entertainment, Bongo said he was happy with the preparations for the launch, which was his dream come true.

“I am one of the people who believe in African art. The clothes you wear portray your personality, mood, style and attitude. I am excited about my launch as preparations gather momentum. I will be showcasing my African designs which are sophisticated, sassy, sexy and sultry. The style is topping in the fashion world,” he said.

The 22-year-old designer said his designs reflect different cultures.

“I will be launching the creations at a local department store. My fashion house is a mixture of different cultures that is hip-hop, Chinese, rasta and African influence. By this I have accommodated everyone’s taste because people of nowadays are running for the current trends,” he said.

He said he buys material from Malawi, South Africa and Mozambique for his creations.

“We should maintain our culture in terms of fashion because it begins with us. I work with some of the materials from here but most of them are bought regionally. I get inspired by the youths of today. Fashion is essential in our day-to-day lives hence we should embrace it,” he said.

Bongo said his passion for designing started at a tender age.

“When we were kids we used to wear matching clothes with my triplet brothers. I began to love clothes and later last year I thought of becoming a professional designer and that was when I founded the house of KISS.

“My mission is to work towards supporting activities that embrace fashion,” he said.

He cited lack of resources as a stumbling block in his career.

“Many might say lack of exposure (is the major problem) but I ask, ‘have you exposed yourself?’ To me lack of resources, especially financial is a hindrance in the career,” he said.

Apart from playing with needles and cloths, Bongo is also a musician.

His role model is Senegalese musician Ismael Lo and he wishes to dress local musicians and actors.

Source : The Herald