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An emotional Dianna Samkange shed tears on stage as she performed before her parents for the first time at a recent show held at the Book Cafe. Diana could not hold back her tears as she churned out a song that aocates for women and children’s rights. The song also attacks those who abuse women and children.

Throughout her performance, Diana sang her heart out while the fans enjoyed every minute of it.

“I cried on stage because, firstly, the song ‘Kumazivandadzoka’ is based on my past life experiences. The worst could have happened to me but I thank God and my ancestors for the guidance and protection.

“Secondly, I cried because I saw my parents in the audience. Their support is priceless. It was their first time to attend my show,” an emotional Diana said.

Diana, who now fuses guitars and mbira, struck all the right chords and endeared herself to the audience. Some of the fans said Diana reminded them of the late mbira virtuoso Chiwoniso Maraire.

“I have attended many corporate shows where there were big artistes but they did not touch me as much as Diana did. To tell you the truth, it is not because Diana is my daughter, but this was one of her best performances to date,” her mother Miriam said.

Her father, Jonah Samkange – who is a Maths teacher, said Diana comes from a rich musical background.

“I am a veteran maths teacher but we are a musical family. My father Oliver Samkange and their great-grandparents used to sing at social gatherings and at the Methodist Church big time. Diana was named after my mother, who was a celebrated choir singer. My father used to do classic music, that of writing musical notes for the whole country.

“My brother is a Zimbabwe art adjudicator. So my tribe is traditionally musical. Even Plaxedes Wenyika comes from us as her grandmother Ambuya Muzambi is our biological relative,” he said.

Apart from her parents Diana’s husband Kelvin aka “Curry Pie” was also in attendance.

Source : The Herald