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The Mayor of Masvingo, Councillor Hubert Fidze, seems to be choking on the issue of disposable nappies and has proposed their ban in the ancient city.

Clr Fidze claims poorly disposed diapers are blocking sewer pipes and also contaminating drinking water.”I am aocating a ban as Masvingo Mayor. In towns they are blocking sewer pipes. In Masvingo we discovered that when we have water shortages, they also contaminate the available water,” he told The Herald recently.

Clr Fidze said some companies in the business of cloth diapers closed shop as a result of the influx of the disposable ones, mainly from South Africa. He said his call was receiving positive response, especially in Masvingo.

“Wherever I go, people are saying it is a positive call. I am spreading this message at every forum and the response is quite encouraging,” he said.

Disposable diapers are a popular choice because of their convenience. If they are full one just has to throw the whole thing into the trash bin.

Experts say modern diapers have absorbent crystals that can carry more liquid than an ordinary cloth diaper can.

Since the liquid is absorbed, rashes are prevented and constant diaper change is unnecessary. It is also argued that a disposable diaper is more sanitary than its cloth counterpart because it is used once.

However, experts say disposable diapers may contain harmful materials for the baby’s sensitive skin and is often-times non-biodegradable.

Disposable diapers are more expensive than the cloth ones because parents have to buy them more frequently.

Source : The Herald