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THE Zimbabwe UK Diaspora National Team run by Team Zimbabwe UK has received a timely sponsorship boost from the Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan (DFCP) ahead the African Nations Cup UK.

The tournament, which is in its 7th year, is scheduled to start on Saturday 30th May with the finals set for the 14th of June.

Team Zimbabwe UK Project Director Marshall Gore, welcomed the Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan sponsorship which is worth up to pound5,000 as a huge milestone and endorsement ahead of the tournament.

Chairman, Liberty Masunda also thanked Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan for their support at an event in Coventry where many Zimbabweans gathered to witness the trials and final selection for the squad to participate in the tournament.

Masunda was also optimistic that given the massive support, the team will do well this year and make the country proud. He called on the Zimbabwean community in the UK come and support the team in large numbers.

Expanding to Zambia … Dr Sibert Mandega

Dr Sibert Mandega, Director of Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan, said his company is delighted to sponsor such a valuable community initiative that is helping to promote good community cohesions amongst Zimbabweans in the Diaspora.

Organised by the African Football Association, the African Nations Cup UK tournament has continued to grow over the years. Last year 20 African countries competed with Zimbabwe reaching the quarterfinals.

Team Zimbabwe UK’s objectives include helping to identify diaspora talent for the Zimbabwe national teams’ structure. The project is fully backed by the Zimbabwe authorities including the Zimbabwe Football Association.

Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan is an innovative cash-based funeral insurance which offers guaranteed acceptance with no medicals at all and pays out up to US$20,000 cash immediately on proof of death. Every Zimbabwean worldwide including those in Zimbabwe qualifies to be covered.

Explained DFCP Spokesperson, Roda Williams, said: “The whole essence of the Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan cover is to give families, especially those in the diaspora, peace of mind through a reputable cover that guarantees everyone covered a dignified send-off.

“The cover is for life, permanently US$ denominated and being cash-based makes it a worldwide protection without borders”.

Underwritten by Zimnat Life Assurance, the Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan has been available worldwide for over three years and provides much-needed relief to millions of diaspora Zimbabweans especially in the wake of numerous reports of families struggling to repatriate the remains of their loved ones.

Meanwhile Dr Mandega also announced that they would, this week, launch Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan Zambia which is also a permanently US$ denominated policy underwritten by Madison Life Insurance Company Zambia Ltd (Mlife) which is part of Zambia’s biggest insurance group, Madison General.

African Nations Cup UK

Venue: West Ham Memorial Grounds London E15 3DB

Dates: Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th of May (Group games), Saturday 6th of June (Quarter Finals) and Sunday 14th of June 2014 (Finals)

Group A: Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Morocco, Senegal

First match: Zimbabwe vs Sierra Leone, Saturday 30th of May 2015 at 2pm

Source : New Zimbabwe