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ZIMBABWE celebrates 34 years of independence tomorrow and 30 young Zimbabweans studying on all five continents have taken to social media to debate what it means to be Zimbabwean in the context of the 34th independence anniversary along with their hopes for the nation’s future among other issues.

The gripping debate can be accessed on www.iamzimbabwe.com lthttp:www.iamzimbabwe.comgt.

Emmanuel Makoni who is based in Alberta, Canada, said as a Zimbabwean one had an obligation to stay true to the values of the nation and it was time that young people get involved in solving the challenges facing the country.

“We must realise that Zimbabwe is our country and we are responsible for it. We have so many riches that we do not take aantage of. A lot of people do not realise how much power they have, and that we are where we are because of who we are as a society. It doesn’t help complaining about the current conditions. It’s time for young people to stand up and take pride in their country,” he added.

Kudzayi Hunkedza in Annaba, Algeria, said the flag captures what it means to be Zimbabwean.

“Being Zimbabwean is embodied in the beauty of our nation’s flag. Its colours symbolise qualities that define what it means to be Zimbabwean,” he said.

“As young people we need to wake up from wishful thinking and start taking action. We should stop expecting a miraculous transformation by older generations but begin to realise we are the generation to take Zimbabwe to the next level.”

Komborero Charamba who is based in Hangzhou, China, expressed pride at being Zimbabwean.

“Being Zimbabwean brings about in my life a sense of national pride, a sense of victory but above all it brings to me the feeling of debt I am owing to my fore-fathers, creating within me hunger for empowerment, development and unity . . . for bloodshed that is impossible to repay.”

Leila Van Zuydam who is based in Utah, USA said Zimbabweans based in the Diaspora had to bring back home knowledge acquired abroad.

“I think that if we bring our knowledge learned abroad and our kind hearts back to Zimbabwe we will all be able to help ourselves and others cater for Zimbabwe’s needs. Makorokoto Zimbabwe on your independence! I wish you every success possible for the future,” she said.

Bryan White who is in Grahamstown, South Africa said as Zimbabwe celebrated its independence politicians had to return to the ideals of the liberation struggle and desist from enriching themselves.

Jennifer Mutimbidziri in Newfoundland, Canada urged young people to explore their abilities for the betterment of their lives.

“As we salute the ones who made it possible, for all Zimbabweans to have freedom, let’s make this day a great one!!!! Happy Independence Day Zimbabwe,” she said.

Source : The Herald