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Mashonaland Central Governor and Resident Minister Aocate Martin Dinha yesterday renewed his marriage vows with his wife Mercy at a colourful ceremony in EskBank just outside Harare.

The 20th anniversary ceremony was attended by Vice President Joice Mujuru, several ministers and senior Government officials, relatives and friends.

Speaking at the ceremony, guest of honour VP Mujuru, condemned gender-based violence mostly among couples who ended up killing each other.

She said violence between couples was escalating and urged couples to resolve disputes amicably rather than resort to violence.

“Marriage is an important institution that has its challenges, but killing each other is not the solution.

Couples should first talk between themselves and if the problem persists then seek counselling and not to kill each other,” VP Mujuru said.

She noted that there were several cases reported in the local media of husbands killing their wives and also of wives scolding their husbands with hot cooking oil.

She said a happy marriage could only be achieved through commitment and dedication from both partners.

VP Mujuru commended Cde Dinha and his wife for being exemplary.

In his remarks, Cde Dinha said he was happy to celebrate 20 years of marriage and thanked President Mugabe and his family and the Roman Catholic Church who looked after him when his parents were jailed by the Ian Smith regime.

“They gave me a good foundation. I also grieve a lot when I hear people divorcing, when I hear of scandals, but I’m not saying I’m a saint.

We want to preserve the family life,” he said.

Cde Dinha said President Mugabe was clear in his independence speech that the family unit was under threat from homosexuality.

“So we should value family and impart good values to our children. We must drive against divorces,” Cde Dinha said.

Source : The Herald