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At seven years old Tambudzai Mabhiza lost her leg when she was struck down by a Kuwirirana bus in Gutu. At that young age she she could not accept the fate until she got serious counselling convincing her to concede and started her life after the mishap.

Even her mother became emotional to grasp the impact of her child’s mobility until she was counselled knowing that she could do anything that able bodied people could do.

From there onwards she used crutches for the better part of her life.

As time went on she started realising that there was talent invested in her until she enrolled at Masvingo Teacher’s College where she is now doing her third year.

At first there was resistance from the college staff when she chose music as her main subject at the college.

“They said in music people would dance and with my situation they found it difficult until I managed to convince them that being disabled does not mean inability,” she said.

Speaking to The Herald Entertainment on the sidelines of the Chibuku Neshamwari traditional dance competition held in Chiredzi, Mabhiza’s group Gango managed to sail through walking away with a $500 cash prize. Some minutes after the group went on stage people strategically positioned themselves to take her pictures as she showed her dancing proficiency. Narrating how she learnt how to dance, Mabhiza said she takes videos and studies them during her spare time at the hostels.

“I take videos of dances, study them and make imitations. That is how I learn and as I speak people are happy with me,” he said.

She conceded that she cannot do some of the dances because of her situation. Some of the dances she can do well include chikita and mhande.

“There are some I cannot do but I really have to thank God that I am now able to dance a number of them,” she said. At the same event she left her crutches and displayed dances much to the surprise of the guests and merrymakers.

“It’s easy to balance when you are dancing but it needs a lot of practice. With the help of the group I have managed to do it,” she said.

For Mabhiza it is good for the community to give the disabled chance to showcase their talent. “In my own view disability does not mean inability and in that regard the community should give us equal chances to show what we have,” lamented Mabhiza.

She hopes to raise money and release her debut gospel album. Originally from Zvavahera in Gutu, she owns her dance troupe called Tambudzai Dancing group.

Source : The Herald