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In many talent shows across the world physically challenged children have always been neglected as if they do not have anything to offer, but earlier this week Danhiko students proved themselves worthy during the country’s biggest talent show, StarBrite.

The 2014 StarBrite season came to life with many new elements lined up. This year’s edition is giving marginalised people the chance to showcase their talent as they auditioned.

Joining the students from Danhiko for the auditions were members of the Albino Charity Organisation of Zimbabwe.

The students were extremely happy and were curious to go through the auditions. More than 26 acts registered for the auditions. It was interesting and encouraging for the producers to see the excitement and jostling as the would-be-stars got ready.

The students expressed gratitude to the show organisers for extending the platform to the centre.

“For a long time we have been ignored or should I say unrecognised but thanks to StarBrite I am going to be on national TV and people are going to watch me. This is the happiest day of my life” said one Danhiko student.

Among the contestants were guitarists, singers and dancers. There were individual and group performances.

What was perhaps most amazing was the ability of those with hearing impediments dancing to the beat, bringing out entertainment value with proper co -ordination. Their moves were much better than most who can hear. Those who were signing also put up a good show.

Thirteen contestants made it to the next round. It was a very special moment and emotions were high among the participants.

Most shed tears of joy and outright excitement at the prospects of realising their dreams.

Source : The Herald