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Ordered to clear child support arrears by December 19 . Davies Mugadza

TOP radio personality, Davies Mugadza, has been given up to December 9 to pay $669 in maintenance arrears for the upkeep of his child or risk imprisonment.

Mugadza, who works for the ZBC, appeared before magistrate Tendai Mahwe on Friday following the issuance of a warrant for his arrest after he defaulted in paying the maintenance to ex-wife, Vimbainashe Ngara.

However, Mugadza argued he had not defaulted, insisting he was up to date with his payments. He even produced bank deposit slips to prove his claim.

The DJ also told the magistrate that his former wife had written an affidavit that could be produced in court as proof of payment.

“Your worship I have finished paying. When the warrant came in, I then paid the money through her bank account.

“She had to rush to work and signed this affidavit that I am paid up,” Mugadza said.

State prosecutor Fransisca Mukumbiri however, objected to the production of the affidavit.

“The State cannot accept a withdrawal affidavit in the absence of the complainant,” Mukumbiri said.

Mugadza said he had failed to bring his ex-wife to court as she was at work.

Mahwe ruled that Mugadza should pay up the maintenance arrears with the clerk of court by December 19.

The court heard that Mugadza had an affair with Ngara and sired one child from the relationship in 1999.

It is the state’s case that sometime in July 2010, the former girlfriend took Mugadza to the Harare civil court seeking an upward variation for the maintenance of the pair’s child.

The magistrate at the time ruled that Mugadza should pay $160 per month with effect from July 31 that year as maintenance.

The DJ was also ordered to pay for the child’s school fees, and also to buy a full set of casual clothes for the child.

Prosecutors told the court that Mugadza had failed to honour a ruling made by the civil court.

According to the prosecutor, the DJ failed to buy clothing for his child in December 2013 and April 2014.

He also failed to pay $170 meant for his child’s trip to Nyanga, the court heard.

Source : New Zimbabwe