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Games, balloons, and bright colours are all what characterise a kids’ carnival. Yes it is just like a birthday party, but a bit better as it is much fun, fireworks, play, paintings and sometimes mud and pool fights to entice the show.

Some can extend to have pony rides and an animal farm and this can be done at backyards.

Studies have revealed that, “The Kids Carnival” offers a wonderful world of excitement, discovery and imagination for young children and families.

Kids can enjoy carnival classics such as a ride on a carousel and experience their first roller coaster ride on the swings and coasters if available.

The Harare International Carnival Week is now in full swing with a lot of fireworks and lined up. Some of the activities are centred on the teens too, a plus for them.

But earlier this month MultiChoice Zimbabwe hosted a kids’ carnival at Benji’s Fun Factory in Greystone Park, Harare.

Children gathered and had a chance to meet and play with created Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck at a special party hosted for them in celebration of the Disney Channel, one of the most popular television brands on DStv.

Some of the children came from the Ark of God home in Norton, as well as children of DStv subscribers and media personalities.

Children were treated to food, drinks, ice-cream and candy floss among others and the fun part was those serving them were dressed according to the theme.

MultiChoice Zimbabwe publicist Liz Dziva said she was happy with the huge turnout and all went according to plan.

“There is so much in the way of information, education and entertainment for younger viewers on all DStv bouquets that we decided to celebrate them with a special event for disaantaged children, mixing with children of subscribers and the media. We were delighted with the way the children reacted to all that was laid on for them and we look forward to doing more such community support work in the future,” she said.

One child from Borrowdale Brooke, Tatenda (13) whose mother is a DStv subscriber said she was happy to attend the kids’ carnival.

“I think it was a refresher for us since at HIFA there wasn’t much activity for us this year. I liked the Disney characters and how MultiChoice Zimbabwe created them. The atmosphere was very conducive for us. Having our own time, ruling ourselves, playing different characters was the best of them all. I think I enjoyed my holiday very well,” she said.

Well some might say carnival is all about dressing up, yes, but no, because it is about promoting the artistic, organisational and cultural practices. It is also an inclusive learning experience for all children and gives them the chance to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings through various media.

Source : The Herald