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Ivas Dari (not his real name) takes his wife and two kids to Jongwe Corner for a family show featuring Peter Moyo and Sniper Storm. As they get into the show around 4pm the stage is empty and they decided to sit down waiting patiently to see one of the two artistes coming to perform. Four hours later nothing has materialised and the youngest child is asleep.

“Chirega kurara Peter ave kuuya pastage mwanangu (Don’t sleep, Peter is coming on stage soon),” promises Dari’s wife. But eventually the family decides to go home before the musicians pitch up.

Though family shows have been proven to be a popular platform in the music circles, musicians are taking people for granted.

A recent survey by The Herald Entertainment reveals that many musicians pitch up late for family shows making it difficult for kids to see them. Despite paying money for the kids they are going home without seeing the musician’s performance.

In the particular scene described above Moyo had a family show with Sniper on Sunday at the popular venue but only one musician turned up at around 8pm.

Recently that same musician had another family function with Suluman Chimbetu at Extra Mile Leisure Spot and the two musicians pitched up for the show after 7pm.

Are music promoters and the musicians set on fleecing people? Because they are making people pay for their children to attend functions where the promise is not fulfilled. Why else would musicians turn up for purpoted family shows so late?

Family means that there are usually children in the picture. Events should therefore run during times when children can be part of the show. Recently Chimbetu went on stage performing while several children had already fallen asleep. Many fans have expressed their dismay over the conduct of the musicians.

“In most cases children sleep as early as 7pm and for a musician to come at 6pm to perform is something else,” said one music fan Peggie Chiremba. She is a mother of two and would like to see the Jongwe Corner family shows being what they claim to be.

Another music lover Grey Musamba said he has since stopped coming for family shows as the musicians fail to respect their fans.

“Adults are not only music lovers, these children also need to be entertained but it becomes pointless if musicians come late for these family events,” he said.

A fan who declined to be identified said that one can conclude that maybe these artistes perform while under the influence and that is why they shy away from daylight performances.

“Kana zvisiri zvefodya vanotyei kuwonekwa masikati? (If it is not that they will be under the influence of substances why do they not want to be seen during the day?)” he queried.

Peter Moyo’s manager, Sukol Dube, yesterday said some of the fans come late for the shows prompting then to start late. “We sometimes start late because fans come late for these family shows,” he said.

Alick Macheso, Jah Prayzah and Charles Charamba are among the few artistes who understand the concepts of family shows.

Some of these musicians are seriously in danger of losing out on this lucrative market of family shows unless they become professional and deliver on time.

Source : The Herald