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THE Taifa Stars were yesterday locked out of their hotel, with the visitors caught up in the cold war between Zifa and Pandhari Hotels in what was a very embarrassing incident for the domestic football mother body. The Tanzanians, who checked into their hotel on Thursday, returned from their training session yesterday to find their rooms locked as the management wanted Zifa to make a payment first.

Zifa is believed to owe the hotel a substantial amount of money after the Warriors used the hotel as their camp in the past, while it has also hosted functions for the association.

The association’s spokesman, Xolisani Gwesela, who was out of town sitting for his examinations, said he was not aware of the embarrassing incident and needed time to verify before he could comment.

When a crew from The Herald arrived at the hotel, the whole Taifa Stars delegation was in the hotel lobby in their training kit and looked dejected.

The chairman of Tanzania Community in Zimbabwe, Abatae Fatacky, said they were not happy with the way their national team had been treated.

“I think something should be done our players are outside and they should have access to their rooms, it is unfair,” he said.

Tanzanian Ambassador to Zimbabwe Adadi Rajabu also arrived at the hotel and said he was also unhappy with the turn of events.

“I thought we were coming to play a high-profile encounter and some of these tactics to try and frustrate us are not good as it is affecting our players who have come back from training hours ago.

“I understand that they have issues to settle, but why wait for our team only?

“If they did not want us (the hotel) in the first place then why let us check in?

“We will, however, not bow down to these tactics and we are going to play to win. I hope the players will forget about this event and continue concentrating on why they came to Zimbabwe.

“What we understand is that it is a deliberate way of frustrating us, but we will soldier on.”

Rajabu addressed the players and the coaching staff in the lobby of the hotel.

Late last night, Gwesela said the problem had been resolved and the Taifa Stars had been allowed back into their rooms.

“I am not around, but I understand the problem has been solved and the guys are now in their rooms,” he said.

Tanzania and Zimbabwe will meet tomorrow for in a high-stakes Nations Cup qualifier.

The Taifa Stars carry a slender 1-0 lead.

Source : The Herald