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This year’s Uhuru Concert accommodated many genres, among them stand-up comedy.

Comedians Babongile Sikhonjwa, Doc Vikela and Uncle Sam performed at the event.

The Herald Arts Correspondent Tawanda Marwizi had an interview with Doc Vikela whose real name is Victor Mpofu where he spoke on different issues among them the rise of stand up comedy.

Mpofu is one of the founders of Simuka Comedy and has performed in and outside the country. Below are the excerpts of the interview.

Doc Vikela how are you?

Am fine my brother and you?

We have seen you performing at a concert that usually focuses on music, could this be a stepping stone towards the rise of stand up comedy?

When I received the call I was shocked because in the past I would sit down and watch my favourite musicians performing at the celebratory event. I am happy to have taken part at the concert.

And how was the response?

(laughing) I was surprised to see people coming to greet me after my performance with others actually requesting to have pictures taken with me. It shows that we are going a step forward towards the development of stand-up comedy.

So with the response you got can say you will broaden your fan base?

Definitely yes because I can see that people now understand what stand up comedy is. Most people did not understand it.

When did you start performing?

I stared in 2011 in February at Book Cafe at Open Mic session but I had no confidence in myself because I thought we were heading nowhere as a genre. Now I can see that the sun is shining upon us.

What inspired you to be a stand-up comedian?

When I was born in Gokwe my parents said I made a hilarious cry and am also told that when I grew up I was someone who could just joke. That alone was an inspiration but obviously we have some people like Carl Joshua Ncube among other comedians who spice up my inspiration.

Do you have any academic qualification?

Yes, I am a holder of a Diploma in Human Resource management and I once worked for a local company.

Did you leave the formal job for stand up comedy?

Yes, I left the job for stand-up comedy and I do not regret that move because bookings are coming.

When is your next big performance?

Masvingo where people said we should come back by public demand so we are going back on the first week of May.

How was the response of your Cape Town shows?

They were just amazing and I am looking forward to do more regional shows this year.

Source : The Herald