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THE Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors association (ZHDA) has appealed to the President and cabinet seeking disciplinary action against deputy health minister Paul Chimedza.

In a statement the doctors group described Chimedza as “errant, embattled and highly divisive.”

The doctors said they want Chimedza to “immediately apologize” for his recent comments in which he was quoted saying government will be deducting money from the December salaries as punishment for their participation in the strike.

In comments quoted in the private media recently Chimedza said at least $100 will be deducted from the doctors’ salaries for their participation in the November strike.

But ZHDA said it had received with “great disappointment, shock and utter disbelief” the deputy minister’s utterances. The Association said Chimedza’s comments have “proven beyond any reasonable doubt that he lacks capacity, and is bent on creating a fighting environment where doctors are always at loggerheads with the government.”

The doctors said the deputy minister’s utterances were an “insult” not only to the “hardworking doctors and health personnel but also to the whole nation.”

The doctors said the nation “suffered as the deputy minister could not help but perpetuate the strike through gross inaction and arrogance at the expense of the health of the people of Zimbabwe.”

The doctors said they had already made a “monumental and painful compromise to put forward the interests of Zimbabwean patients” and return to work as they await the implementation of revised on call allowances and a new risk allowance with effect from January 2015″ and Chimedza’s comments were therefore “insensitive.”

ZHDA said the industrial action was legal because they had given more than 14 days-notice to their employer over the need to “urgently review our on call allowances and basic salaries.”

Zimbabwean doctors rank amongst the worst remunerated in the world earning around fifty to sixty cents per hour during their overtime night and weekend hours and a paltry $283.00 as their basic salary.

Source : New Zimbabwe