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THE Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA) is consulting its members on the way forward after rejecting new contract plans by the government which they described as an insult and unprecedented in pre and post independent Zimbabwe.

In a statement during the week, ZHDA said the proposal by the Health Services Board was not only illegal but also smacks of immorality and sinister intentions.

They said it was improper that the employer should be the “drafter of the contract, the negotiators of the contract and the sole implementers of a labour contract which must be negotiated and agreed on by both parties”.

“In an unprecedented move in both the pre and post independent Zimbabwe the government through the Ministry of Health and Child Care intends to introduce a draconian contract for junior doctors with effect from February 2015,” read the statement.

“All incoming junior doctors are being aised that their employment terms will now be regulated by a contract that has been unilaterally drafted and approved by one party, the Health services board.”

The doctors said the proposed contract does not stipulate how much a doctor earns or guarantee the payment of an on-call allowance.

“According to the new contract a doctor can now be fired once the government gives a one month notice of termination,” reads the statement.

“The ZHDA urgently calls upon the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe to intervene and stop this madness!

“Where on earth have young doctors been employed as contract workers without the benefits of being permanent workers?”

The development comes a few months after the resolution of a bitter labour dispute between doctors and the health services board.

Source : New Zimbabwe