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Dendera musician Douglas Chimbetu is involved in a row with Diamond Studios over the delay of the release of his D.

Chimbetu claims the delay was aimed at sabotaging his music career. “I have my videos for my album Tsimba but they are still at the studio and I don’t know why,” said Chimbetu.

The young musician has since threatened to pull out from his deal with the record company.

“I am considering moving on and working with another studio because of some reasons that I cannot tell you,” he said.

However a source close to the events said the musician thinks the studio was promoting his cousin Suluman ahead of him.

“He thinks the guys at Diamond market Sulu’s products more than his and that’s where the row started,” said the source.

Diamond studios artists’ manager John Muroyi yesterday said they are holding the “Saunyama” song maker’s D because it was sub standard.

“I told him that the project was substandard and I am the one who actually stopped it after all they were only two songs Chipsen and Vahosi,” said Muroyi.

He said the musician had a fallout with the person who was funding the project and he could not finish the D.

“We don’t want to rush to the Press over small issues like this,” he said.

Muroyi said the videos were of low quality and could not meet their standards.

However, Chimbetu insisted his videos were done professionally.

This is not the first time the musician has raised issues with Diamond Studios. Early last year he blasted it for failing to work on a D for him and marketing his album properly.

Source : The Herald