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Donnybrook Motorsport complex teemed with life last weekend as the US$25 000 Telecel Drag race series revved off in spectacular fashion.

In a near perfect drag race day, close to 2500 drag race enthusiasts braved the chilly weather for the thrills of their beloved sport.

It was a huge turnout considering it being the first of the four races spread across the official 2014 Telecel drags calendar.

An impressive 68 vehicles registered to compete on the day, a marked increase from roughly 45 that entered the last drag race event.

Title sponsors Telecel Zimbabwe public relations and sponsorship manager Francis Chimanda expressed satisfaction with the growing popularity drag racing was enjoying.

“It’s a really good turnout for the first race of the series. Drag racing is a unique sport and the reason we sponsor it is because it’s innovative, at the same being the fastest growing motorsport occasion and we want to be associated with that.

“At the moment we are very happy to sponsor drag racing and with the help of the organiser we are looking to make it even bigger by increasing the number of competitors and anticipation of the race days,” he said.

On the tracks, Alan Cacace’s vehicle, a V8 powered Cobra recorded the fastest time of the day, 11.758 second over a quarter mile, getting the better of Terry Allberry who drove an AC Cobra to win the Top eliminator title.

Generally the level of competition in drag is improving with most vehicles probing the elite 12 second mark.

Only five motorcycles registered to compete for dragging rights in the first drag race of the season with all eyes on veteran defending champion Phil Archenoul of Power Pipes.

Surprisingly, Leslie Carlson romped to the quarter mile mark in the fastest time of 10.52 seconds in qualifying but disappointingly did not enter the elimination stage as Archenoul retained his crown.

Zimbabwe Motorsport Federation spokesperson Temba Mazvimbakupa shared his opinion on drag racing in the country.

“Drag racing is arguably the most popular division of motorsport but there is one group of people I would like to see getting more and more involved in drag racing that of local mechanics.

“I would love to see these people turning up and modifying those vintage cars and bring them to the drag. I’m sure it would add a unique dimension to the sport and increasing excitement and popularity,” said Mazvimbakupa.

Source : Zimbabwe Standard