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A NEWLY-WEDDED couple found out about each other’s cheating habits as the husband returned home in the early hours of Boxing Day to find his wife sneaking out headed to a night club.

As he drove into their home the husband hit his wife, nearly killing her. The woman was apparently trying to sneak out of the house to go clubbing.

Unashamed, even after hitting his wife with the car, Ncube picked a stick and started assaulting her quizzing her why she was out of the house at that time.

The details came out during the trial of Sabelo Ncube, 31, who was fined $100 for assaulting his wife, Thandekile Sharon Ndlovu.

Appearing before a Victoria Falls magistrate Ncube claimed that he wanted to go to Victoria Falls town and the wife insisted on coming along until he was upset forcing him to hit her. On the other hand, Ndlovu claimed that she was looking for him since he had not returned home on Christmas Day.

Prosecutor Listen Nare told the court that the couple met at about 4am outside their place of residence. He said the wife was leaving the house going to town. The husband stopped the car but he hit her on the leg with the vehicle and then asked her where she was going at that time, Nare said.

A misunderstanding arose between the two resulting in the accused assaulting the complainant with a stick.

An attempt by Ndlovu to drop the charges could not save her hubby from conviction as Victoria Falls resident magistrate Sharon Rosemani fined him $100 or 10 weeks in jail in default.

Source : New Zimbabwe