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Musiiwa Chanengeta (28), the driver of the kombi that killed 10 people when it rammed a tree along Seke Road, did not meet statutory specifications to drive a public transport vehicle.The vehicle was also not properly documented.

Chanengeta’s colleagues described him as a fast driver with a short temper.

However, questions are being raised as to how he would pass at least two police roadblocks every trip without any flags being raised.

Police investigations show Chanengeta had a certificate of competency of a class two driver acquired six months ago.

Chanengeta’s waiting pass was yesterday taken to the Central Vehicle Registry to ascertain whether or not he had a driver’s licence.

A waiting pass is a temporary document issued before a driver’s licence disk is processed.

Chanengeta did not have a defensive driving certificate, a requirement for public transport drivers and the kombi he was driving had neither passenger insurance nor route authority.

It only had a certificate of fitness and a licence disc.

Police could not say yesterday how Chanengeta drove through two roadblocks on Seke Road without adequate documentation.

According to the Road Motor Transportation Act Chapter 13:10, public service vehicle drivers should be above the age of 25, should have a certificate of retest and defensive driving, and medical endorsement.

A kombi should have an operator’s licence, certificate of fitness, route authority, passenger insurance and a current licence disc, among other things.

Chanengeta, who was married to Ms China Nguruma (25) with whom he had two sons aged three years and seven months, will be buried at his rural home in Chiyangwa Village, Zvimba.

His body was collected yesterday from Chitungwiza Central Hospital Mortuary.

Fellow drivers at Charge Office Bus Terminus described Chanengeta as short-tempered, though he generally related well with his colleagues.

They said he was nicknamed “Madzibaba” after he stopped abusing alcohol and drugs, including marijuana.

“We worked well with Musiiwa but he was still an amateur in the transport business since he took his driver’s licence late last year,” said one tout.

Another driver said Chanengeta was once involved in an accident that claimed one life.

On the morning of the crash, said a driver, police had issued Chanengeta with a ticket for speeding on Seke Road.

“The man was well known for speeding and this was his second accident,” another driver added.

The drivers said on average they made 14 trips daily to meet their targets but Chanengeta could make 18.

Reports said in this accident, he was driving a relative’s new kombi, a Toyota Hiace (ACQ 5160).

“We believe that he was testing it to see how fast it could go since it was in good condition. We normally say kuvhura mapombi kana kuti kuvapa moyo. Mukoma vaimhanya zvavo, waiva mureza chaiwo,” said another driver.

Source : The Herald