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A DRUNK Shurugwi man, high as a kite on too much booze, raped a local herd boy who was said to suffer from mental health problems, a Midlands court heard this week.

Timothy Mutanga, 32, of Murefu Village under Chief Ndanga was found guilty of sodomy when he appeared before Regional Magistrate, Morgan Nemadire in Gweru on Wedneday.

Passing out judgment, Nemadire said: “The complainant though being slurred in speech and at times incoherent proved beyond reasonable doubt that he was abused and one can only wonder at the mental anguish and trauma he has to live with as a direct consequence of this event.

Mutanga was remanded in custody to Thursday for sentencing.

Prosecuting, Emmanuel Matosi told the court that on March 13 in 2012, Mutanga followed the herd boy to the pastures where he was herding cattle.

While apparently in a drunken stupor, Mutanga approached the man and told him that his cattle had strayed into his field and grazed his crops.

The court heard that Mutanga told the herd boy he would punish him to compensate for the alleged loss of his crop.

However, the herd boy denied his cattle had strayed into Mutanga’s field.

But Mutanga proceeded to beat him with a whip he was carrying. He then ordered him to bend over and ‘touch his toes’ after which he sexually abused him.

The complainant informed his brother about the incident who reported the case to the police leading to Mutanga’s arrest.

In mitigation, Mutanga begged for leniency saying he was a family man.

“Your worship, I have three children all below the age of 10 and my wife is expecting any time soon. I am also the sole bread winner of the family.

“I therefore beg for leniency from this honourable court,” said Mutanga.

The magistrate is expected to hand down sentence on Thursday. Aertisement

Source : New Zimbabwe