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UNDER-FIRE ZIFA president Cuthbert Dube yesterday managed to recover his property that was attached by the Sheriff of the High Court after paying $124 000 to Pandhari Lodge.

Dube’s lawyer, Alex Mambosasa of Mambosasa Legal Practice, told The Herald that payment had been made and his client was now in the process of ferrying the property back to his Groombridge mansion.

“We have paid the outstanding $124 000 today and the Sheriff has released all the property that was removed from Dr Dube’s house.

“The matter is now settled and my client is now arranging to ferry the property from Revelations Auctioneers back to his house in Groombridge,” said Mambosasa.

Pandhari lawyer Evans Moyo of Scanlen and Holderness Law Firm confirmed the development.

“Yes, Dr Dube has managed to make a full payment of the balance outstanding as well as legal charges against an undertaking by us to instruct the Sheriff to release the property.

“They provided us with the proof that they have transferred the funds into our bank account.

“On that basis we have instructed the Sheriff to release the property subject to payment of the Sheriff’s fees outstanding,” said Moyo. Dube suffered humiliation on Wednesday when the Sheriff of the High Court raided his Groombridge mansion and cleared household property as well as five top-of-the-range vehicles.

Dube failed to fulfil his part of a payment plan, which he had agreed with Pandhari Lodge, to service a debt owed to the hospitality and services group, forcing the Sheriff of the High Court to pounce on his property.

Source : The Herald