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Dobet Gnahore put up an electric show at the Harare International Festival of the Arts on Telecel Main Stage on Thursday with her colorful and varied music.

The Ivorian exhibited lots of energy on stage together with our own diva Dudu Manhenga who provided backing vocals.

Dobet felt like she was performing before her home crowd judging from the responses she got on the Stanbic Bank Day and moreso that it was her second time to perform at HIFA.

“Well, I love Zimbabwe and the people are amazing,” she said backstage.

Dudu said she was honoured to perform alongside a great African songstress as Dobet and described her as her sister.

As if to prove her great artistry, Dobet was called for an encore as fans could not get enough of her dances

Besides her act, fans must have also enjoyed her eye-catching hairstyle in which she shaves the sides and leave a few locks of hair in the middle.

She also sampled songs such as “Allah”, “Baara” and “Zina” off her latest CD titled “Na Dre” which rocked the crowd.

Those not in the know, Dobet is a singer, dancer and percussionist from Ivory Coast who inherited the force of the “Bete” tradition from her father, Boni Gnahore, a master percussionist who plays with the Abijan-based Ki-Yi Mbock Company, directed by Werewere Liking.

Source : The Herald