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Epworth will come alive on Friday when the first edition of Dzepfunde Arts Festival takes place at Epworth Hall. Youthful duo, Extra Large, Ndondoza and Dzepfunde Arts performers will do what they know best at the festival that is aimed at mobilising resources for the underprivileged. “The arts festival will showcase various exhibitions of culture through drama, song, dance, drawings and traditional Zimbabwean food.

“Proceeds will assist in the feeding and clothing the underprivileged in the community,” said event coordinator Norbert Chikamhi.

He said in line with Dzepfunde Trust Cultural Movement’s aim which is to establish and address socio-economic challenges of youths and women in marginalized communities, they were working hard to make a change.

Their target is also to incorporate vulnerable people in rural and urban areas who struggle to access education, health, information and various social services.

“The Trust came into existence after years of serious thought, debate and probing on how the good in African culture (Zimbabwe Culture) can be the best agent for positive change for thousands of youths who are leading sad lives especially in marginalised rural and urban poor communities” he said.

The highlights of the event will also include eating competitions, poetry and local comedy.

“There will also be a modelling show for males and females that are expected to showcase the modern fashion inspired by Sekuru Kaguvi and Mbuya Nehanda traditional dressing styles.

“Participants will be largely youths in Epworth and surrounding areas,” said Chikamhi.

Source : The Herald