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The Environmental Management Agency is encouraging members of the public to play their part towards the achievement of a zero-litter environment. Speaking at the agency’s stand at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair, EMA education and publicity manager Mr Steady Kangatha said consumers of products should play their part by disposing litter properly.

“We can launch campaigns and inform people on the need for a free litter environment but the consumers should change their behaviour towards those awareness projects.

“They should be responsible for their actions and make the right decisions.” he said.

Mr Kangatha said the other effect of failure to implement a litter free environment was the use of imported material in which the owners of products do not follow their product from production, distribution up to disposal as per standard procedure.

“Local companies venture into a product monitoring programme in which they should make sure that their products are properly disposed.

“It is not the same with international companies because soon after their product is brought to Zimbabwe they do not follow it up to see how it is properly disposed,” he said.

Source : The Herald