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A MASVINGO woman from Nyajena area in the province went berserk and fatally struck her 81 year-old mother-in-law, accusing her of hiding the whereabouts of her husband from her.

Eunice Mhuru (age not given), who police said has a record of mental illness, struck the elderly Ramwirai Marambanyika with the octogenarian’s walking stick.

The in-law died three days later as result of the injuries sustained during the assault.

Masvingo acting police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Nkululeko Nduna confirmed the incident, adding that they have since arrested the suspect.

It has emerged the penchant of beating up elderly people runs in the blood of Mhuru and her husband, son to the deceased.

Felix Mazhara (44) is believed to have fled home the previous day after he allegedly assaulted his own father, who is 95 years old.

Little did he know his disappearance would enrage his demented wife who took it up with his own mother.

Relating the details, Asst Insp Nduna said Mhuru approached the octogenarian who was at her homestead to inquire over the whereabouts of her husband.

The now deceased said she was not aware of the whereabouts but this incensed Mhuru who punched her on the face as she emerged from her thatched kitchen.

Mhuru, it is further alleged, then picked the woman’s walking stick and struck her once across the face.

As if this was not enough, she abandoned the stick and went for a hoe in the kitchen, whose handle she further used to club the helpless woman.

“A teenager who was herding cattle near the homestead saw this and rushed to the scene to restrain Mhuru from further assaulting her aged mother-in-law but Mhuru became more violent and chased the teenager, who fled calling for assistance,” Nduna said.

The teenager plucked up more courage and returned to the scene where he tried to restrain the assailant from further bashing her in-law, this time with a log.

It was during the same time that Marambanyika’s grandson also arrived, and with the help of a neighbour, Muchineripi Machisa, they managed to restrain Mhuru.

Marambanyika was later ferried to the local Muchibwa Clinic, where she was later referred to Morgenster Mission Hospital for further treatment.

Her condition deteriorated on the night of April 2, two days after the incident, and she died on the morning of April 3.

Police have since arrested the suspect who is now expected to appear in court facing murder.

Source : New Zimbabwe