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ZAOGA Forward in Faith Braeside Choir makes a grand entrance on the local gospel scene with a star-studded choir that is recording a live D this Saturday.

The choir, comprising music heavyweights Mono Mkundu, Emelda Mudzamiri and Carol Mujokoro, is out to unleash its second offering, according to producer Munopa Jera. Although they carry such big names, Jera said they valued everyone’s contribution.

“This weekend is going to see us the choir recording a D and the audience will be part of a musical show. It is our new 15-track recording that will carry extra songs done by the choir. While most of our members might be referred to as top guns in the music sector, they are merely worshippers who together with their families have been fellowshipping with the church for years.

“The likes of Mono and Mrs Mujokoro as well our worship pastor’s contributions are obviously invaluable, but we have a rich heritage as there are many other successful musicians that are a part of our church choir,” he said.

He said choir dates back to the history of the church, being in existence for more than a decade.

“It is no secret that it comes from a rich heritage of music as it is the home church for the likes of Shingisai Suluman, who is among the first choir mistresses. She was born and bred in this neighbourhood and started her musical career with this choir,” he said.

Jera said the realisation that they continued to produce gospel music stars prompted the church choir to venture into recording gospel music albums with the first being “Psalms 2” from 2010.

Other success stories include the late Jackie Madondo and her sister Marble. Their younger sister, Claudy, has also come on board.

The choir was featured on various prominent musician’s albums in the past, backing for the likes of Shingisai Suluma on the album “Huyai Timurumbidze”.

They have since set on the 7 Arts Theatre show as the stage to prove their mettle with the 20-track album promising to be a chart topper. But they insist that while the music may sound heavenly, their priority is the worship and praise of God.

“This is not going to be a mere show, but a time to congregate and worship the Lord. We will be recording but having a worship experience at the same time. People will be ministered to as we will have the many facets of praise and worship,” Jera said.

Speaking on what makes them unique on the market, he had this to say:

“We can safely say we are different because we are a church assembly that is recording its choir. We are not a group of people who come together to sing. So the experience is unique in its own way,” he said.

The songa on the album are contemporary, combining reggae, rnb and rhumba songs most of which were composed by the choir

Source : The Herald


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