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It’s a pleasure to have you in this episode and I do hope you had a pleasant viewing. I noticed some people might have DStv premium bouquets but still they don’t know what to watch. Well, the biggest challenge about having a wide choice is that some people simply get confused and can’t make a choice.

However, yours truly will guide you on some of the amazing programmes that you can look forward to this month.

For the past two weeks some readers of this column accused me of being nasty. Naturally, television reviews have to be blunt and brutal at times, but not out of malice but because television is a powerful medium.

Since April is a month when Christians all over the world mark Easter holidays, most of the programming has changed in line with the holidays. So on Sunday AfricaMagic Entertainment screened a Nollywood film called “Prophecy”, which exposed African church leaders who sought “healing powers” from traditional healers and the like.

The film stars Patience Ozwokor aka “Mai Azuka” and Genevieve Nnaji who plays the wife of an abusive pastor who sought supernatural powers from a traditional healer.

A female congregant also went to the same traditional healer and asked that the pastor divorce his wife of many years so that she (female congregant) could marry him.

Her wish was granted and the drama unfolded. Ever noticed how televangelism has taken over these days? We have seen men of the cloth who fancy themselves in front of the cameras claiming that they had supernatural powers to heal and prophesy.

Oddly enough, no one ever asked where they got those powers from until recently when reports from Ghana filtered through.

The reports said a good number of those who claimed to possess supernatural powers were in fact, pseudo-prophets.

The reports also said the pseudo prophets used witchcraft instead of the Holy Ghost.

One reader who requested anonymity sent me an e-mail saying the influx of churches was a result of desperation. He said:

“Between 2002-2008. People flocked to anything that promised a plate of sadza. At the peak of things, the Devil scooped the opportunities and I analysed the four pillars of all churches in Zimbabwe and worldwide to some extent

“Pillar One: Prosperity – Many people’s salaries were worthless and everybody wanted to have what they couldn’t afford example houses, cars, wives etc.

“Pillar Two: Healing – it is well known that medical access is expensive and sometimes the medication isn’t accessible, who wouldn’t need a miracle healing?

“Pillar Three: exorcism deliverance – In the face of poverty and poor health, everybody tends to think they are bewitched.

“Pillar Four: Nakedness – Lately SEX has taken over the world and people are so obsessed. Nakedness has been used as a toll to lure women into church, effectively men get pulled because they too love to see naked women. Looking at the dress code lately (including of the pastors), the wording of the sermons, the expressionsexamples used in church, the music. everything is SEX.”

Well, need I say more. It is my wish that this Easter holiday brings us blessings. Below are some of the programmes to watch out for during the Easter holiday as provided by DStv.

M-Net Movies Premiere (DStv channel 103)

M-Net movies premiere is bringing a range of blockbuster movies in April. DStv viewers can look forward to “Snitch”, “The Last Stand” and “The internship”.

“Snitch”: This fast paced thriller follows a father who goes undercover in order to free his son who was imprisoned after being set up in drug deal. Determined to rescue his son at all costs, he risks everything, his family and his own life.

Tune into DStv on Sunday 13 April at 20:30 CAT to see if he succeeds.

“The Last Stand”: In the last stand, Ray Owen moves out of Los Angeles, after leaving his narcotics post at the LAPD, to settle in a sleepy border town of Sommerton junction.

The peace is shattered when the most notorious, kingpin in the western hemisphere, makes a deadly yet spectacular escape from an FBI prisoner convoy.

Will Ray save the day? Tune in on Sunday 20 April at 20:30 CAT to find out.

“The Internship”: Two salesmen manage to talk their way into a coveted internship at Google. They must now compete with a group of the nation’s top tech savvy geniuses to prove they have what it takes to be there. The men are in for big surprise when they realise what is expected of them. Catch them on DStv on Sunday 27 April at 20:30 CAT.

Vuzu (DStv channel 116)

Fashion Star (season 2): Three of fashion’s biggest names, Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and John Varvatos, return as “Fashion Star’s” mentors for an all-new season joining the show’s brand new host, Louise Roe.

The game has changed, too. This season each mentor has a team of four designers, whom they’ll coach through weekly challenges and the mentors will choose which designers will face elimination before the buyers send someone home.

Tune in every Tuesday from 22 April at 20:30 CAT.

MTV (DStv channel 130)

MTV Movie Awards 2014:This year’s MTV Movie Awards will bring DStv viewers hilarious movie spoofs, Hollywood’s biggest stars and fun award categories such as Best Kiss, Best Villain and Best Fight.

The Awards will offer an entertaining spin on all those stick-in-the-mud movie awards.

This year’s cinematic showcase will take place on 13 April and premiere on MTV on Monday 14 April. Get ready for a rowdy night of celebrity antics, stage bombs, and roof-raising performances.

Tune Monday 14 April at 20:30 CAT.

Source : The Herald