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Miss Earth Zimbabwe Samantha Dika has embarked on a forestation programme set to benefit orphanages and old people’s homes. The beauty queen has already secured sponsorship which will help her acquire all the needed equipment and support, for the project to be a success, which is set to benefit more than 10 care homes.

Dika who is the reigning Miss Earth Zimbabwe said the project “Orchards For Community Centres, Old Age and Children”s Homes” is dedicated to benefit the less privileged while also making mother earth a better planet for the current generations and those to come.

“The project is aimed at developing long-term self-sustainability opportunities for institutions and communities through food supplementation, income generation as well as protecting the environment,” said Dika.

The “Orchards for Community Centres, Old Age and Children’s Home Project” is the brain child of the beauty queen and will be launched on April 22 when the world celebrates Earth Day.

Several orphanages and old people’s homes are set to benefit from the programme and amongst them is Open Tribe Foundation in Epworth, Tose Respite in Prospect, Soda Old People’s Home and many others.

The ramp queen proved she has also the brains to go with her beauty as she said she chose orchards for the foster homes because of their sustainability.

“The project is set to go a long way because once a tree is planted it is capable of feeding people for quite some time and as long as people are responsible, the environment will be safe while we benefit from the subsequent products,” said Dika.

Dika has already been on the forefront in assisting needy communities with the 2013 revamping of Zengeza based Happy Organisation Welfare Centre being one of her success stories.

Through the beauty queen’s initiatives, the centre got some renovations as well as a paint job and now it’s much refreshing than the sorry sight it was before the redo.

Dika is of the belief that if a man is taught to fish, he is empowered for life rather depending on hand-outs.

The beauty queen says she has lined up several campaigns which are aimed at increasing tree planting as well as reducing littering to help make earth a better place.

Besides she also said she shall he working more closely with the aged as they are discriminated against.

Source : The Herald