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Junior Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship Foundation International is here to equip children and young adults with money skills for a lifetime. Our ultimate goal is to produce wealth creators, through programmes that are consistent with children’s cognitive abilities and the underlying financial basics that must be understood to improve sound financial decision-making.

In a world that has seen widespread economic and financial turmoil, financial literacy provides fundamental financial basics to be successful in a global economy. The best moment to instil good habits in tomorrow’s entrepreneurs is when they are still young.

Money has long been seen as a provocative topic for children, but one way or the other children will soon hear about it from somewhere and it might have lasting damage for the rest of their lives. Good money practices arise in part from childhood experiences, thus the lifelong benefits of teaching children financial literacy make it well worth the effort. Children who are not taught these lessons pay the consequences for a lifetime.

When multi-billionaire Warren Buffett was asked by CNN, “Where did you learn about money?” he had this to say: “My dad was my greatest inspiration, He was my hero when I was six and he is still my hero now. He is an inspiration to me in every way. What I learned at an early age from him was to have the right money habits early. Savings was an important lesson he taught me.

“I had all kinds of businesses when I was growing up. When I was six I started my first business. I bought a six-pack Coke for 25c and sold the cans for a nickel apiece. I also sold magazines and gum from door to door.”

Our training programme is on a part-time basis, which comes in the form of seminars, one such kind is pencilled in for April 2015 and members will be notified.

Hours of training do not interfere with school or cregraveche hours. Ds and books given to children will assist in understanding the basic principles of money and entrepreneurship.

A business tour follows up such training seminars which stimulate the participants as they get to experience what they have learned. Learners get the rare opportunity of meeting business owners and various professionals in the business world. Children will learn by doing and not just reading about it or seeing it.

Research indicates that our children’s world will be more challenging than ours the best time to prepare them for the challenges that lie ahead is now. Ms Rosalyn Yalow had this to say: “We bequeath to you, the next generation our knowledge but also our troubles. While we still live let us join hands, hearts and minds to work together for their solution, so that your world will be better than ours and the world of your children even better.”

Junior Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship Foundation International is dedicated to the financial well-being of tomorrows’ business people and entrepreneurs. They are found at Lot No. 3051 Lavenham DriveNortholt Drive, Bluff hill, HARARE

Source : The Herald