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Ordinarily, a burnt child dreads fire, but history has taught us that some people do not learn from history. At May Day celebrations in Harare, the MDC-T leader, Mr Morgan Tsvangirai, vowed to escalate what he called the crisis in Zimbabwe before finding a solution to it.

In his words, the beleaguered opposition leader said, “I want to say before the crisis ends, we want to escalate it so that we find a solution to it.”

The Standard newspaper attempted a spin on the story to make it less embarrassing.

The tabloid reported that Tsvangirai “vowed during the Workers Day celebrations to escalate the publicity of the crisis.”

It was not a pledge to escalate the publicity of the so-called crisis.

Such political misfiring was better off undefended for it is indefensible. Tsvangirai was unequivocal. He wants to intensify the political and socio-economic crisis brought about by the sanctions he called for.

However, if Tsvangirai had wisdom, he would have learnt from previous experiences that he cannot thrive on human suffering.

The barbaric political scheme of destroying in order to rebuild does not work in the Zimbabwean context.

He called for the sanctions that almost exterminated the populace.

Nevertheless, the people of Zimbabwe remained remarkably resilient during these trying times.

Sanctions dismally failed to catapult Tsvangirai to the presidency.

People still have painful and vivid memories of Tsvangirai calling on South Africa to shut down its borders with Zimbabwe and cut electricity and fuel supplies.

We all wondered if Tsvangirai intended to rule over corpses. He punished people for their democratic rights to choose leaders of their choice.

People were chastised for electing political leaders whose policies and ideologies were compatible with their aspirations.

Tsvangirai’s strategy of attempting to thrive on human suffering has proved to be an absolute political miscarriage.

An attempt to revisit the same strategy only saves to expose the magnitude of intellectual dearth in Tsvangirai.

That evil scheme is tantamount to a man who kidnaps and tortures a woman for her to accept his marriage proposal.

To avoid further torture, that woman can accept the proposal. A principled woman would rather die of the torture than sell her heart to such an evil suitor. Such is Mr Tsvangirai’s favourite political scheme, expired though.

Tsvangirai has since lost relevance in the political field and his replacement will save MDC-T.

Notwithstanding, he is a captain, a player who can also be substituted when he is tired or under-performing.

Tsvangirai is such a tired captain who refuses to be substituted. He can no longer contribute anything to the team and he knows that.

He would rather cause chaos so that the game is abandoned.

Tsvangirai is aware that he will never win an election even as a councillor in Humanikwa. This realisation is what prompts him to boycott elections and pledge to escalate chaos so that “we find solution to it.”

According to Tsvangirai, the escalation of political and economic crisis would force Zanu-PF to a round-table that will usher in another inclusive government.

Another inclusive government is the solution he is envisaging. He tasted the sweetness of power when he got into government through the back door in 2009.

Thus, Tsvangirai wants to use the same door to get back into power. One gets into power through the ballot and that is a fundamental democratic tenet.

At a time Zanu-PF is working tirelessly to make the economy work again, Tsvangirai is dreaming of further destroying it.

Zanu-PF believes that the people’s hearts are won by doing well to them first.

One good turn deserves another. That is the principle.

On the other hand, MDC-T wants to win the people’s vote through force and manipulation of all sorts. As the year 2018 is fast approaching, it is incumbent upon the electorate to decide on the better political suitor.

Of late Tsvangirai has been visiting his erstwhile benefactors in the West.

Such visits had an evil agenda.

Soon after he vowed to escalate “the crisis”, he visited Germany.

One can be forgiven if he concludes that Tsvangirai is already on a mission to escalate the crisis.

He is already begging the West to tense up the sanctions in Zimbabwe.

He was so shaken by the re-engagement efforts between the West and Zanu-PF Government. He was also taken aback by the sudden withdrawal of funding from the West, thus all these desperate moves are attempts to win back the goodwill of the west.

Unfortunately, the West has realised that they have been throwing their money into a bottomless pit.

They have belatedly become conscious that they cannot continue laying a bet on Tsvangirai, an eternal loosing horse.

In Tsvangirai, their regime change project will be a miscarriage. This is the chief reason why they have sponsored a splinter group from the MDC-T.

Indeed, they are justified, for Tsvangirai has no plan of winning an election. How can he win an election through a boycott? You do not stand a chance until you are in the game. That is the principle.

The peace loving people of Zimbabwe must not be hoodwinked into partaking in projects that seek to give political mileage to Tsvangirai. Tsvangirai does not have the people at heart. He was in the inclusive government for four years and what he did during that stint is a clear testimony that his is a revolution for self enrichment.

The political crisis, he is urging people to engage in, will never extricate this country from the economic quagmire occasioned by the sanctions.

Instead of calling for the escalation of the economic crisis, he must escalate economic development. This way, he will become a responsible opposition leader and might become a darling for some citizens.

The workers must know that they will take the strain of the economic crisis.

They must count themselves luck that they are still at work while the majority of their peers are now in the streets because of the sanctions. They must be clever enough to locate the source of their current misery.

Tsvangirai betrayed them when he sided with imperialist employers to form a “labour movement” that ironically works at cross-purpose with the aspirations of the workers.

Lovemore Matombo and Japhet Moyo can testify that the MDC-T has since veered off course.

The two trade unionists have, in the past separately berated the MDC-T for dumping the founding values of the party, which was to aance the working class agenda.

Tsvangirai was not supposed to have addressed the workers in the first place.

That was a typical politicisation of trade unionism. If it had been Zanu-PF, the MDC-T would have cried foul.

They have of late cried foul over the appointment of military men and women into civilian jobs.

Source : The Herald