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PRESIDENTIAL Affairs minister, Didymus Mutasa has accused former Zanu PF Manicaland chair, Basil Nyabadza and party legislator, Temba Mliswa of pursuing their personal interests in Green Fuel project.

In an interview with journalists after delivering a lecture at the defence college in Harare Wednesday morning, Mutasa said he has been involved in the project since its start and has done so representing government interest but the two were “pursuing their own personal gains”.

“I have openly said that I support that project (ethanol) and because it is being done by Billy, (Rautenbach) I supported him as well to get things done,” Mutasa said.

Rautenbach recently accused Mliswa of extorting him under the guise that he was assisting the billionaire get the project approved by government ministers.

“They are individuals who have been mentioned in the process, Temba Mliswa, Basil Nyabadza and others,” Mutasa said.

“Those are individuals who were pursuing their individual interests. The national interests that we are pursuing are those that involve a joint venture between government and Billy Rautenbach and continue to exist as we and continue to improve our well-being as a country,” he said.

Rautenbach recently branded Mliswa, who is also Zanu Pf Mashonaland West provincial chair an “extortionist” who victimised him, culminating in the collapse of their relationship.

Mliswa wanted Rautenbach to pay him $100 million as his 10 percent shareholding in an Unki Mine concession, which he says the business mogul “improperly” sold for US$1 billion to British investors.

Mutasa said as far as he was concerned, the project has government backing although a lot of issues remain unresolved, chief among them the compliance with the country’s indigenisation law.

“At the present moment he is required to take 49 percent of the project and we take 51 percent,” he said.

The MP said government interests are represented by cabinet appointed individuals and not the two.

This comes amid allegations from Chisumbanje villagers that some Zanu PF Politicians have benefited from the project at the expense of the community.

Source : New Zimbabwe