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A FORMER inmate of Gwanda prison who is suspected to have been behind last week’s daring break-in at the institution has been arrested for unlawful entry and theft.

Trymore Qhubekani Moyo, aged 26, made a brief appearance at the Gwanda magistrate courts on Monday following his arrest by police over the weekend.

He was not asked to plead but remanded in custody to the 10th of this month.

In opposing bail, the investigating officer said Moyo was of no fixed abode and an ex-convict who had recently been released from Gwanda prison.

He returns to the same prison that he stole from and is likely to be confronted by other inmates who lost their valuables during the break-in.

Last Sunday Moyo proceeded to the prison and broke the windows before cutting security bars and getting inside.

Once there he stole seven mobile phones, cash, a fuel coupon and valuables belonging to inmates and went away undetected.

Moyo then went on a drinking spree and used three of the cell-phones to hire prostitutes.

Acting on a tipoff police swooped on him and recovered the three mobile phones from different women.

Source : New Zimbabwe