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A FORMER police officer has been arrested for allegedly conniving with a taxi driver to extort $1,000 from a Kamativi villager they accused of possessing an unlicensed firearm. Elvis Zvareva, 28, and his accomplice Kiona Chuma, 27, a taxi driver he had hired, are both being charged for impersonation and extortion.

The charges arise out of an incident in which Zvareva had sometime February this year, hired Chuma to accompany him to Kamativi Mine near Dete.

On their way, they both hatched a plan to raise a quick buck by framing an unsuspecting Masauso Dube whom they handed a parcel containing a pistol.

“The two arrived at Dube’s homestead carrying a parcel which they gave to him,” said prosecutor Charline Gorerino while reading the State outline during trial.

“Dube opened it and found a pistol inside and as he was still in shock, the two told him he was under arrest for illegally possessing a gun and went on to demand the money so they could release him.”

It is further alleged that Dube, out of fear, asked for some time to sell some of his cattle to raise the bribe.

The bogus cops were nabbed by genuine cops March 31 this year, when they went back to Dube’s homestead intending to collect the money.

They were both remanded in custody and are next Tuesday expected to file for bail before magistrate Portia Mhlanga.

Source : New Zimbabwe