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A VICTORIA Falls man told a local court he has not had sex with a new flame for three months after his ex-wife used juju to “disabled his manhood”.

Lindani Mathuthu, 39, of Chinotimba told how he found some of his underwear secured with a padlock (as part of the so-called central locking juju spell) by ex-wife Faith Ndlovu, 25.

Faith admitted in court having ‘locked’ Mathuthu, saying he was in the habit of sleeping out.

Traditional healers are, by some, believed to be able to cast the spell which makes it difficult for victims to have sex.

The couple, which has one six-year-old child, had been married for six years when they started having problems.

Faith allegedly consulted a faith healer who helped with the ‘locking’, the Victoria Falls magistrate’s court heard Friday.

Prosecutors said, on September 12, this year the two fought after a misunderstanding.

“The couple had a misunderstanding over the (Faith’s) infidelity after she did not sleep at home and the accused (Mathuthu) questioned where she had spent the night,” said Takunda Ndovorwi, for the State.

He said Mathuthu ended up grabbing the woman by the neck before punching her several times on the face and she went to report to the police.

But narrating his ordeal before magistrate Sharon Rosemani, as he answered charges he assaulted his former wife, Mathuthu denied the beating claim, saying he only pleaded with Faith to undo her juju spell.

“We were arguing when I asked her why she went to consult an inyanga or prophet to lock me I never beat her,” said Mathuthu.

“When I asked her she denied it saying some friends of hers aised her to lock me and she did it herself. I was pleading with her to unlock me because it has affected me.”

Mathuthu said he was convinced his ex-wife was trying to fix him because he had moved on with another woman.

He revealed that he had yet to have sex with his new love due to complications arising from the ‘locking’.

“I wouldn’t have beaten her knowing it would not help me. I saw my underwear and a padlock in the room and questioned her about it.

“She was bragging that she wanted to fix me and make me lose my job and my girlfriend.”

He added: “She lied about the physical abuse charges because I had indicated to her that I would report her to the police if she refused to unlock me.”

The magistrate remanded Mathuthu to January 6, telling him to bring his witnesses to court.

Source : New Zimbabwe