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A Harare man told the court that he was living in fear of his ex-wife who was in the habit of sending people who intimidate him and threaten to cut off his manhood.

Dickson Marisa told Harare Civil Court magistrate Ms Babra Masinire that his ex-wife Nancy Mthombeni, was also in the habit of sending death threats on his mobile phone.

Marisa was seeking a protection order against Mthombeni whom he said was abusing him verbally, emotionally and physically. “She is sending a mafia at my place of residence and this mafia is threatening to cut off my manhood and see if I would remain a man,” he said.

Marisa said he was afraid that his family could be harmed by the thugs as they also threatened to deal with his family members. “My life and that of my family is in danger as I speak because that same mafia threatened to deal with my family,” he said.

Marisa said Mthombeni was also threatening to give him a thorough hiding with the assistance of her relatives who are members of the army.

“She took away all my particulars and private documents to her house and she is refusing to give them back to me,” he said.

Mthombeni denied the allegations, saying their problems started when Marisa married a second wife without her knowledge. “I am not breaching his peace in any way,” she said. “He lied to the court because I am not doing whatever he said.”

Mthombeni claimed Marisa was the one who physically and verbally abused her whenever they meet.

Ms Masinire granted the protection order which barred Mthombeni from physically or verbally abusing Marisa and to stop threatening him.

Source : The Herald