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Disgruntled former workers have taken hospitality firm African Sun Casinos to court, in protest over unpaid termination benefits.

The 12 employees also accuse their former employer of nepotism amid allegations of sexual harassment from some of the dismissed female ex-workers.

The Labour Court in Harare is set to hear the matter on Thursday. The workers want their former employer to pay them termination benefits in accordance with the law.

SW Radio Africa correspondent Simon Muchemwa said officials at the hospitality firm had told the workers that they were not entitled to the gratuities they are seeking because they were employed on a contract rather than permanent basis.

“The workers’ lawyers however argue that some of the workers had been with African Sun Casinos for 15 years continuously and legally, they should have been given permanent contracts by the company,” Muchemwa said.

The ex-employees also claim that their employer was deducting their National Social Security contributions but not forwarding these to the relevant body.

“As a result most of them are now destitute. The company is offering them $100 for each year worked but the workers are rejecting this and say they are owed more,” Muchemwa added.

Source : SW Radio Africa