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“Artists are born and never created”, goes the old adage.

The above phrase aptly sums up the talented Don Zvaitika Muwani, whose artistic hand baffles the imagination of many.

The fourth time exhibitor at the just-ended Harare International Festival of the Arts, Muwani specialises in an art form called “pyrography.”

It is also referred to as “wood burning” done on treated wood boards.

Muwani is one of the best pyrography artistes in the country and is also good at painting using acrylics and oil on canvas.

During the exhibition one could not help but stop and take a look at his exquisite pieces. One of the good works that everyone could easily relate to is a portrait of President Mugabe.

Of late, his close hand working with precision earned him more respect and no one could pass his works without commenting.

“I was born an artiste and in my attempt to fine-tune my skills, I enlisted with the Harare Polytechnic in 1996 but could not impress them.

“They asked me out but due to passion within, I continued practicing art until one day my friend Cuthbert Matibiri, who is also a pyrography artiste introduced it to me in 2002,” said Muwani.

He added that his road was arduous, considering the time needed to complete a single piece.

“If one wants to be the best artist, they should not work aiming for cash but it calls for patience. I use a soldering iron to burn on treated wood which is easier to burn, treated with Mukwa.

“After working on the piece, I apply vanish to preserve it from dust and moisture,” he said.

Muwani works on various themes ranging from emotions that can relate to people, social commentary on life and wildlife, among other areas.

To date, Muwani has carved his name in the art world after exhibiting in 2003 at the Malawian ambassador’s house, in Bulawayo at Alliance, Harare Club and at the Travel Expo in the same year.

“I started sending my works to many countries including Malawi, among others, and before HIFA I did a piece on Bob Marley which I sent to be placed at the ‘Bob Marley’ museum in Jamaica,” said the soft-spoken Muwani.

He said this year his works received a nod from both local and foreign arts enthusiasts who thronged the six-day event.

Only time will tell as concerns the heights to which the Greencroft-based, 36-year-old artist can scale.

Source : The Herald