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HURUNGWE West MP and businessman, Themba Mliswa has hit back at his erstwhile tycoon partner Conrad Billy Rautenbach who makes sensational claims the former fitness trainer tried to extort money from him.

Relations between the two went sour when Rautenbach allegedly refused to pay Mliswa a promised $165 million for facilitating business related meetings between the white businessman and powerful government officials.

Rautenbach says he was later forced to end his association with Mliswa after realising he was dealing with a sly character.

But Mliswa came out guns blazing Tuesday, accusing Rautenbach of being a “crook” who should instead be arrested for plundering the country’s mineral wealth.

The Zanu PF Mashonaland West provincial chair, denied his transactions with Rautenbach were underground deals, insisting this was a business partnership in which he was entitled to his dues.

“Let me make it known that I am not a businessman who believes in black and white. I am a businessman who believes in a handshake,” Mliswa told a press briefing Tuesday, adding, “This was my sweat. I worked for it and I told him yes ‘you might not pay me but none of your business will prosper because my spirit and the God I pray to will not allow you to prosper and that’s all I said to him’.

“Thereafter, I have never spoken to him and you can see the big problems in his enterprises today.

“He is not a genuine businessman. He is not honest. He is a crook.”

Mliswa said Rautenbach must be questioned on why he is “the largest land owner in Zimbabwe”.

He claims the tycoon owns over 30 000 hectares in Chisumbanje.

“As far as I am concerned, he is the single largest landowner in this country and he is white. I thought our position is to take land from the whites and give it to the blacks.”

“At no point did I go to him. He was introduced to me. He looked for me and he saw the energy in me, he saw the pro-activity in me and he decided to hire me as a consultant. He brought his entire management to my offices at Eastgate so that I could meet them and introduced me as a consultant at the end of the day,” Mliswa said.

The Zanu PF MP, who has ignited the current parliamentary debate against corruption, was also up in arms with the State media he said was out to smear him so that he would recoil from his anti-corruption calls.

“It’s a shift of trying to get me to be quite on some of the issues brought up in parliament. I am very determined as a member of parliament in my role to ensure that the country’s resources are not abused,” Mliswa said.

He added: “I am aware of the shift. I am aware of the position I have taken. I was elected by the people to stand for the people I will never shy away from telling the truth. That is the reason why when I call for ministers to account, equally I must also respond. I have got to be consistent.”

Source : New Zimbabwe