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Urban grooves duo Extra Large is set to release a seven-track album that features a number of urban grooves stars next month. Titled “Twenty Fit In”, the album features artistes including Goodchild, Trevor Dongo, Nox and Roki as well as Zim dancehall’s Maggikal, Celcius and Oskid. Ammara Brown is expected to spice up the project.

In an interview with The Herald Entertainment, the duo of Jimmy “Swagga Jim” Mangezi and Norman “Likkle N” Manwere said the album is set to prove their versatility.

“Basically, the album will be done to prove or express our versatile abilities and styles. We fit into any musical situation, therefore collaborating with different artistes will enable us to express that fact. (In other words), we can do a song with anyone who does music,” said Swagga Jim.

The duo are optimistic that the album will make it once released.

“We want this album to be unique. Considering the fact that we are working with a young and very talented producer, Oskid from KeNako Studios. We believe the project will not be only be unique and successful but a piece of work to remember,” he said.

He said they have been maintaining a low profile on the entertainment scene because they were working with some Zim dancehall artistes from their stable.

“As you know we always scout for new talent and nurture it. Examples from over the years are King Shaddy, Shinzo and Yoz.

“We have now signed new upcoming dancehall artistes including Tally B, Maggikal, Yung Roja and Jungle D whom we are nurturing to become household names in the industry in the near future,” he said.

The album carries songs such as “Face Kana Mari” that features Trevor Dongo, Roki and Ammara Brown “Anenge Ini”, which features Goodchild “Kwapaidzana” featuring MacDee and “Murudo” featuring Oskid and Nox among others.

Source : The Herald