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Let us start off with the much talked about event of the weekend as Prophet Walter Magaya beamed his “Ladies’ Night”, which pulled thousands of women.

As he spoke of saving marriages and getting rid of all problems like small houses, I could not help remembering his brush with Beverly Sibanda – the sensational adult dancer – which ended so badly. But well, each to their own I suppose as the multitude of women seemed perfectly content with his dispensations.

In another live broadcast our neighbours did a splendid job with their quality screening of the Miss South Africa 2015 whose almost 90 minutes was a top-notch affair.

Hopefully, our Marry Chiwenga and her team also saw the event and will be working hard to match or even better that truly glittering affair. The ambience did most of the job before the props and the experts even moved in. Everything was superlative.

Apart from the style, pomp, glitz and glamour that characterised the whole event, the quality in the screening was up to standard and glitch-free.

It was further enhanced by the idea of involving the fans via the “commentary box” through which they could give their comments, ideas and views about the whole event. Yes it is time that ZTV looks at involving social media for live engagements. The question for the question and answer segment came from the viewers after the organisers through live broadcasting encouraged viewers to send their questions.

By engaging people, it serves the purpose of garnering views on how best to improve not only the event but also the way that the broadcaster will be covering the event.

It creates an interactive platform between the broadcaster and the audience.

Meanwhile, local viewers feel that more still needs to be done at ZTV as a way of spreading their tentacles to the viewers and also improve the appeal of their programmes. Emails that inundate this reporter’s inbox are testimony to this and below are some of the messages that were sent through by readers venting their views.

“I am one of those people who have been following ZTV for years by virtue of being a Zimbabwean and fully understanding that this is our channel which comes first apart from the foreign ones we follow as an alternative.

“It is however sad to note that this station (ZTV) has not been doing much in terms of improving their programming especially considering the fact that we are in technologically-aanced age characterised by new trends.

“With the shift focusing much on the migration towards digitalisation, it is therefore a big challenge for our national broadcaster to move with the times and ensure that we, the viewers, are given services that have value for our money,” noted one viewer on condition of anonymity.

Another viewer, Jane Murungweni, applauded ZTV for their tenacity and desire to ensure that viewers were always informed, entertained and educated. “Like or hate them, but these guys have always kept me and my family informed, educated and entertained. Their news hour is something that I always look forward to, and their documentaries are educative and informative. I don’t have a problem viewing their programmes with my family because they are good and the content is constructive,” Murungweni said.

In continued tracking of the story on MultiChoice cutting South African subscriptions we were hit with angry messages from locals blaming the Zimbabwean house for not giving the public the value for their money.

We still waiting for feedback from MultiChoice Zimbabwe, Liz Dziva on how this is going to be rectified as they only mentioned the audit process.

Meanwhile M-Net Series Zone transmission will end at midnight on April 5 and M-Net City will start broadcasting at 5pm on the following day. The current series offering on M-Net Series Zone will conclude before the channel becomes M-Net City.

Happy Easter, till next week . . .

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Source : The Herald